Xuyu Liu

Xuyu Liu, Ph. D. is a unit leader in Medicinal Chemistry in Cardiovascular Disease at the Heart Research Institute (HRI). He completed his Bachelor and Master of Biomedical Science at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ in 2012. He then moved to Sydney and conducted his Ph.D. research under the supervision of Prof. Richard J. Payne in the School of Chemistry at the University of Sydney and graduated in 2016. His Ph.D. research entailed developing new methods for sulfopeptide synthesis and evaluating sulfopeptides’ biological activity. In his postdoctoral work, he worked at Cornell University and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) under the guidance of Prof. Yimon Aye. His postdoctoral research focused on hijacking endogenous lipid electrophile-signaling pathways for precision medicine development. The contribution of this work to anticancer research was recognized by Cornell University and he was nominated by the university for the Blavatnik Award competition in 2018. Recently, he was awarded the Sydney Cardiovascular Fellowship and moved to HRI to start his independent research in developing new chemoproteomic platforms for identification of novel therapeutic targets for cardiovascular disease. 

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